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“Artist” & “Fantasy Author” Matthew Christopher Nelson has a project about to be funded on kickstarter where he is using “re-appropriated” (stolen) images from BJD artists and collectors (myself included) to illustrate his new fantasy novel. He has taken many many images from online accounts and run them through photoshop filters to call his own (to add insult to injury he has re-named the dolls as his characters and mis-gendered a great many of them.)

You can find the bulk of “his” “illustrations” on his facebook page. His current kickstarter project features several stolen images  in its preview, as did a past canceled one, implying a certainty that these images are still intended as part of the project.

As of now, he has refused any communication with the original artists to confirm the use of images, or the removal of images and his attitude in recent posts seems to indicate he has no intention of ceasing this project or admitting to what he is trying to do.

Above you can see several examples of the original work and “his” work. All the dolls in the photos belong to and were painted by me. In addition to private BJD owner pix, he is also using official BJD images  from companies such as Iplehouse and he’s even snuck in an image of Ezio from the popular video game franchise Assassin’s Creed.

More info on Den of Angels

Please signal boost for awareness and action.

Thanks guys.

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